How to Store Electronics in Self-Storage

Self-storage for electronics has to be done correctly in order to preserve the longevity of your devices. Whether it’s CDs and records or a gaming console, keeping these items away from humidity and dust is essential. When using San Diego self-storage, it’s especially important to keep your electronics out of the heat - using a climate-controlled storage unit is your best option. Electronics storage is as easy as 1, 2, 3 — just follow the tips below!

Keep Electronics in Original Packaging

Put your electronics back in their original packaging. The items fit perfectly, they’re properly labeled, and often times the original packaging has padding so that materials aren’t damaged if they’re hit on something. If the original packaging isn’t available, we at 5 Star Storage recommend wrapping them up in styrofoam or another form of soft padding to keep them in the best condition. 

Keep Your Accessories Together

Whether it’s an ink cartridge or the owner’s manual, keeping all the bells and whistles together makes it much easier when you take your electronics out of storage. Keep all of your wires and connections together as well, and take pictures of them before you disconnect so you know how it goes later. This will save you time and possibly money on replacement parts. Self-storage is always easier when you’re organized. 

Keep Electronics Safe in Your Unit

By keeping your electronics towards the back, you ensure that when you’re moving new stuff in, they remain undisturbed. Don’t stack other belongings on top of your electronics, they should be at the top of everything else to prevent damage. And again, climate-controlled self-storage is the best option for electronics storage. Otherwise, extreme temperatures and humidity will damage your devices. 

By using these tips, your electronics will stay in tip-top shape while being stored. At 5 Star Storage, we know how valuable these items are. That’s why we offer Solana Beach self-storage and San Diego self-storage with climate-controlled options. Check out what units we have available today and store your electronics safely!