Boat and RV Storage Tips

If you’re like other boat or recreational vehicle (RV) owners, you pride yourself in keeping your summer toys in prime condition. As the winter months approach, one of the key things most owners are considering or should consider is boat or RV storage through a storage unit facility.

Before your toys hit the storage unit for hibernation, you should take care of some essential housekeeping items. Here are some key tips for all of you RV and boat owners out there:

RV Storage Tips

Your RV is another home, and whether it’s for your annual summer vacations or weekend getaways, it’s important to care for your temporary home as it prepares for winter storage.

Tip #1: Empty all of your tanks and pipes

If you live in an area where winter takes a cold turn, it’s essential to remove any fluid that is in your RV holding tanks and pipes. Freshwater tanks, back, and gray water tanks, water heater, septic tank, the works.

When water remains in your tanks, it could potentially freeze up, causing damage to your RV and wallet for repairs.

Tip #2: Clean Up, Clean Up

Before leaving your summer toy for RV storage in San Diego, consider giving it a quick clean. Besides, winterizing your RV, cleaning it can protect it from potential problems such as pests, mold and damaged upholstery.

Don’t forget to clean out the fridge or pantry of any food you don’t want to be surprised by the next time you pull out the RV. After cleaning out the refrigerator, remove the power source and leave the door open to prevent condensation and mold.

Boat Storage Tips

You’ve hit the water for the last time this summer, and now it’s time to put your baby into storage until next year. Before parting ways, consider these tips for winterizing your boat:

Tip #1: Change the Oil and Antifreeze

It may seem redundant, especially if you’ve just changed the oil or antifreeze but changing these systems will keep your boat safe from freezing up or corroding. New oil and antifreeze will be the best thing you do for your boat before winter.

Tip #2: Fill the Tank

By next year, you’re going to want to hit the water right away. Fill up your boat’s gas tank before storing it for the winter and add a fuel stabilizer to it. The stabilizer prevents any further condensations from forming inside the engine.

These are just a few of the countless tasks that need tending to before storing your summer toys, whether it be your RV or boat. Call our 5 Star Storage facility in San Diego for storage unit information and what services we offer that will keep your toys protected until next year.