Self-storage for business is an extremely convenient method of keeping your business organized. Whether you’re running a small, mom and pop shop out of your home or selling products online, using business storage can be beneficial to your company. Stay organized or even use your self-storage unit as a second office. Here are 3 tips for using 5 Star Self-Storage for your business. 

Storing Inventory and Documents

If you don’t want your office cluttered by your product or documents anymore, consider investing in a San Diego storage unit. By doing so, you’ll be freeing up office space and keeping the business’s belongings in a safe, controlled environment. 5 Star Storage even includes protection plans just in case your items are damaged or stolen. With our climate-controlled storage options, you can even keep valuable items such as books or documents in perfect condition. 

Using Self-Storage as an Office

You probably have never even considered using a self-storage facility as an office space, but it’s actually a fairly popular idea. Because many of our units are climate-controlled, our facilities are comfortable enough to double as a meeting space. Set up a table and some chairs and you’ve got the opportunity to run your company inside of your business storage unit. Our units at 5 Star Self Storage are also easy to access with ground-level entrances and roll-up doors, so you can move furniture and other large belongings in with ease. 

Business Storage Amenities

Using Solana Beach self-storage for business is a great option, but it’s even better with our amenities at 5 Star Self-Storage. We offer delivery acceptance, sell materials you’ll need for delivery, and you’ll have free access to our dollies and hand trucks. As a bonus, we have trucks that you can rent to move your business's belongings in and out of your storage unit. And don’t worry about your stuff being stolen, we have 24/7 video surveillance and a fully fenced facility. Combine that with our on-site staff also monitoring the property, and you have nothing to worry about!

Consider 5 Star Self-Storage for all of your business needs. It’s a convenient way to store, hold meetings, and we have tons of amenities to make your experience great!