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The Morena Storage Experience


As a locally owned business, we care a lot about our staff and customer experience.  What we care most about is providing the best service we can so that at the end of your long day moving things to storage, we were able to put a smile on your face and make it a little easier for you.  When asking our employees about what they liked most about their job the most common response was “being able to interact and help the customer.”

            When we hire, we look for those people who are motivated and genuinely believe that their job can have an impact on someone.  Have you ever had a long day that was made better by a little extra care from a family member or friend? This is what we try and do here.  Even if it’s just offering you a cold bottle of water or answering a question, we strive for a great customer experience from start to finish.

            Our business grows because of this hard earned customer satisfaction.  Due to our locality, many new customers come to us via referrals from friends or family.  We enjoy being able to greet you when you sign in to visit your room and lend you a hand with those larger items.  Most people overlook the experience part of storage, but once you store with us you will realize how important it is to have people there to help you.

Watch our video: "FEEL AT HOME"