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Storage For College Students


You get so busy with final exams and graduation parties and saying goodbye to friends for the summer. How are you supposed to have time to worry about storing your college dorm items for summer?!!

Well, here is a survival guide to help you.

First of all, finals are important and it is okay to stress over them.  Study hard and put lots of time into them, but get some sleep. Second, have fun at your parties but be safe!

Here is your storage tip: get organized and don’t wait until the day you move out of your dorm to start packing your things.

  • Buy some boxes and packing supplies and put them in your room or apartment to remind you that you can do a little each day.
  • Whittle down your essentials: clothes, toothbrush, makeup, and hair products, etc… and then pack the rest. You won’t need it.
  • Tape up your boxes.
  • Organize your bikes and surfboards on the day before your move.

And don’t forget: call your local San Diego storage facility and ask about our amenities: safety, security, free trucks, and helpers on site.

Tell us how many boxes you have and how much furniture you have. We’ll help you choose a room size for your storage. Ask about our current specials for college students, and about our truck rental services – you’ll be surprised at how accommodating we are.

If you have your own transportation, make sure it is located close to your dorm room or apartment for easy access. If you do need a U-Haul rental, just let us know.

We believe summer storage for college students shouldn’t be stressful, so don’t worry about it. You are in a place in your life where simple is good, and where getting some help wherever you can find it is a step in the right direction! 

Once it’s all done, you can enjoy your summer knowing your belongings are safe, waiting for you when you return in the fall. Good luck!