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Spring Cleaning Survival Guide: Storage Edition!


It is now March, and that means it’s time to do some cleaning and organizing to prepare for the summer months.  Here is how to get organized effectively and move those items you don’t need right now into storage so you can have the best home environment possible.  


1.  Make a game plan

Know what your goals are. Some great things to clean out are:


Your garage, office space (home and work), kids old toys/clothing, closets,

basement or other rooms.


By knowing what you are cleaning out, it will help you know what size storage unit you will need.

Storage Room Size Guide

2.   Get everyone involved

This is important because you don’t want to send things off into storage that your husband/wife uses more than you think.  You also may find out there are even more things that the kids don’t use just by asking them.  It also makes it more fun (great way to bond as a family by looking at funny photos from the past, or laugh at the things you saved from college).


3.Organize using boxes

Boxes are a great way to store your belongings, and you can label them so you know exactly where you put everything you moved out! It is then easy to divide up tasks because everyone will know where to put things!

3.   Know how long you want to store your belongings

If you think that some things will stay in there for a couple years, while others will be taken in and out every few months you need to make sure you organize your storage room properly.  My making aisles, using shelving, and loading front to back, the things you need are much easier to access. 

4.   Repeat!

Once you do some cleaning and move things into storage, you will feel refreshed and amazed at what a difference it makes.  You now can park your car in the garage, or finally get rid of all those things that kept piling up in the back of your closet.  Do it again! Why not have an organized garage and an organized home? Once you begin to use a storage unit you won’t stop because of how convenient, clean, and more organized it makes your life now and in the future.