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Smart Storage for Quick and Easy Access


Filling a storage unit can seem a bit like putting together a complex puzzle.

We know that packing your space can be overwhelming; however, there are a few steps you can take when loading up your space that will minimize headaches later. And if you’ve already loaded up your unit and are having issues accessing your belongings, it’s never too late to repack.

Five considerations will make packing and unpacking a cinch:

1. Put Large Items in Back
Sofas, gym sets, and other heavier items can block the entrance and be difficult to get around. By placing bigger, bulkier items in the back, you can access more items quickly.

2. Leave an access path.
Allowing a small aisle so that you can make it all the way to the back of the unit gives you the freedom to reach everything without doing acrobatics.

3. Stack vertically, but not too high.
Don’t stack boxes or items so high that you put you or your loved ones in danger. If you stack higher than your arms extend, boxes can topple over and cause injury.

4. Use the right sized boxes for smarter loading and unloading.
In addition to preventing injury, you also need to protect your belongings. Getting sturdy, appropriately-sized boxes prevents breakage and accidents, so make sure you have the right boxes for the job.

A little bit of smart storage planning goes a long way.