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Let’s Talk Safety and Security!


Safety and security should be top priority at any storage facility. This philosophy is what 5 Star Storage operates by. It is our belief that your valuables are entrusted with us for the protection you deserve in a storage company. As a top San Diego storage provider, we are well-equipped to meet this need.

We think every customer who rents a storage facility should know that their belongings are secured at all times. The knowledge that security is a part of the agreement offers the peace of mind we strive to offer. Our property provides 24-hour video surveillance service, so even when you are not around, it’s easy to identify any unauthorized users approaching the facilities.

In an effort to supply all of San Diego with outstanding and dependable storage units, we invest heavily in keeping both our Morena location and our Solana Beach location well-protected. Our up-to-date security system serves as a deterrent to would-be intruders. Thanks to our sign-in/sign-out procedures and our security measures on the premises, we prevent theft before it even happens.

At 5 Star Storage, we believe in giving our customers ultimate safety and security. That’s why we mandate all of our storage units inside our enclosed properties are secured with two company-issued padlocks. The uniformity of locks makes it easy for us to know that the right person is using the units. You are the only one with official keys to operate your lock. When we say let’s talk safety and security, we mean it.

We know and understand that much of what you keep in storage is irreplaceable. This is a serious matter, and we treat it that way. You can rest easy with the knowledge that when you use our facility, our safety and security measures will keep your mind at ease.

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