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How to Organize your Self Storage Unit


Compiling and packing up your belongings to put them in storage is a very daunting task, especially when you are not prepared.  Being able to move in efficiently, effectively, and stress free will take some planning, as shown here.


What to do first?

1.Plan what things you want in storage.

By having a list of the items you want, it will make the organizing much easier in the future.  It will also serve as a great packing list to know what else you have yet to get ready, and once things are in your storage unit you know exactly what you no longer have at home.

2. Get the right boxes and packing supplies

Purchase your boxes ahead of time so you don’t need to stress about that later.  Keep your boxes near the things you want to pack up so that it tempts you to pack a little bit every so often when you walk by your boxes.  If you are moving electronics or valuable items, it is important to get the right boxes, bubble wrap, or anything you need to ensure that they are stored safely and remain intact.

3.  Mark items that you will want easier access to

Marking your boxes and inventory will make everything easier.  It will help you know what things to load first, and what the box even holds.  Give a special marking to those things you will want easier access to, because you will want to keep them at the front of your unit while the other items are at the back.

4. Create pathways

If you are storing many items, try and be as organized as you can from the very start.  Creating pathways and access points will save you in the future from struggling to get access to those Halloween decorations when you’re in a hurry.