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Home Staging 101


Home Staging 101


First impressions count, especially when you are trying to sell your home. Impress buyers and sell your home more quickly with these tips and tricks:


Clear the clutter. The key to home staging is to create a beautiful blank canvas that buyers can envision themselves in.

Tip 1: Don’t just put all of your extra furniture and stuff tucked away in a closet or cupboard. People open almost every door and drawer in the home and it’s not nice to see a stuffed closet or storage space. The house will seem bigger if these places are organized and less full. Rent a storage room and put extra furniture and clutter in there (we hear Five Star Storage makes it easy).


Tip 2: Declutter, depersonalize which means no family pictures, no refrigerator magnets, and no boxes.


Clean! Imagine you’re having a guest come stay at the house.

Tip 3: Clean the windows, kitchen counters, light shades, and even under the beds.


DIY Projects around the house that make a huge difference.

Tip 4: Spruce up your house with a new paint job, fixing small dents, or fill missing grout.


Tip 5: If you’re not handy yourself, hiring a professional is a good idea to fix up little things around the house.


Finishing touches that will seal the deal.

Tip 6: Replace old bed covers, dark curtains, and dead plants. New bed covers and pillows, lighter curtains, and fresh plants are small details that make a big difference.


Tip 7: Curb appeal is also a deal maker. The entrance sets the tone for the rest of the house. A fresh paint job on the front door, potted plants, and trimmed grass and bushes give the buyers a good first impression. Adding a new door mat is also a good tip.