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Happy At Home


While your home or apartment may not be where you spend most of your time (or it might be), the more comfortable you feel in it, the happier you will be. The way you decorate your home is a great way to express your personality. Plus, your guests will be very impressed!

1) Embrace the style of your home or apartment
(For homes: Colonial, Victorian, Shingle, Gothic Revival, etc.)
(For apartments: contemporary, classic, etc.)
- This is a great starting point. Knowing the style of your home can in turn help you to decide what style needs to stay consistent throughout your home, ranging anywhere from structural architecture, to furniture, to artwork.

2) Base Color
- Make sure that you have a solid base color idea. This color should stay the dominant color throughout your home, and preferably prevalent in every room. It is also vital that the other colors you choose to decorate with go well with your base color.

3) Lighting
- If you have access to natural light, let it illuminate your home. There’s nothing better than having natural light shine through your home to expose the natural colors in your décor. If you don’t have that kind of access, think about investing in lamps. They’re not only practical for adding light to your home, but also are a great addition for contributing to the style of it.

4) Cover the walls
- Cover them up! If you live in an apartment, check with your landlord to see if it is okay to paint the walls in your apartment. As far as wallpaper goes, removable wallpaper is easy to apply and remove without doing any damage to walls. If these are an issue or seem like just too much of a hassle, then consider hanging paintings and posters. Once again, in this case, keeping a consistent theme with your artwork is vital to maintaining consistent character throughout your home.

5) Spacing
- Hang the draperies higher than the windows, this will make the room seem taller. Another tip for making an apartment seem larger is by hanging mirrors. Mirrors trick the eye into thinking a space is bigger. Adding area rugs to rooms will also enhance a feeling of spaciousness.

6) Consider Storage Solutions to Remove Clutter
- For your home to maintain an essence of character, it is important to keep it nice and tidy. To do this, invest in storage solutions. One way to clear up space in your home is by hanging shelves or baskets on the wall to free up cabinet and floor space.  Your furniture does not have to serve only one purpose; by making them versatile, you will make your space more functional. For example, to give your tables more purpose you can use them not just as tables but as storage space as well. If you still have clutter after trying out these storage solutions, you can clear it up by calling and renting a room with 5 Star Storage: Morena Storage or Solana Beach Storage.