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Five Solutions To Help Make Your Move Into Storage Easy and Stress-Free


There are many questions that come up prior to your move day.  You feel stressed and overwhelmed.  It may be comforting to know that you are not alone.  You are going through a normal move which can be very difficult.  Hopefully, some of these answers below will help you and make your move happier and a little more stress-free.

What size room will I need?

  • This will be risk free.  We offer small, medium and large rooms but we do not expect you to know what size you need prior to move in.  We will set you up with the size room that we think you would need and that is most economical for you.  If it seems that a different size room would suit you better, we will transfer your belongings to that room for you.

How many and what kind of boxes will I need?

  • Don’t worry about this. We got you covered. Boxes are made in every shape and size, from wardrobe boxes to book and file boxes.  Get more than what you think you may use.  There is nothing worse than being halfway through packing and running out of boxes, so always get more than you think you need. Here, at Morena Storage, we have a wide range of great boxes, sizes, shapes and our pricing is discounted!  If you don’t use them all, you may bring back the unused boxes and we will refund you.

I'm not a professional mover, how do I pack things properly?

  • We recognize that keeping your belongings safe and intact is a priority.  To ensure that your belongings don’t get damaged, we offer several materials here at our location including: bubble wrap, peanut packs, bungee cords, and quilted pads. Our helpers are aware of this as well, and are extremely knowledgeable about our products and what will work best for your particular item. 

I'm feeling overwhelmed with all that I need to do, what can I do to help?

  • We suggest laying out a weekly plan starting a month before your moving date.  This will ease the stress by breaking down your tasks into a more reasonable timeline.  Moving will not look like such a daunting task with a well thought out plan.  Make lots of lists and check things off as you go!

I'm worried I will be making multiple trips.  What is a good solution? 


  • Here at Morena Storage, we will provide you with a free truck to load your items up and bring them into storage. One of our professional storage staff members will go with you to help you load up your items and bring them back and unload them into your new storage room.  This way, free of charge, it will be more efficient because you won’t have to worry about loading and unloading your car multiple times or renting another truck.