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Boxes: Moving the Right Way


How do you know which boxes to buy when packing for a move? The issue is that there are so many box sizes and it is nearly impossible to know exactly what you will need until the packing is over. You can think about everything that has to be packed, but it is still an estimate. Moving doesn’t happen every day. Getting expert advice from professional movers or storage facilities will help make the move easier and less of a hassle.

The best way to organize the things you must pack is by size and then weight. It is possible to group things by small and large size or by heavy and light weight. You can have small and heavy items, small and light items, large and heavy items, or large and light items. Categorizing in this way makes the planning simpler so you don’t end up with a super heavy box by accident.

The next step is to buy both large boxes and small boxes in bulk. It’s better to over-estimate than under-estimate. The extra boxes can always be returned later. The big box should be used to carry the larger and lighter items while the smaller boxes can carry the heavier ones.

The reason for having heavy items in small boxes is due to the cardboard structural integrity. A large box filled with china plates would be much more likely to break that if it was in a small box. Alternatively, many light items can fill up larger boxes – especially items that won’t be broken.

Moving is one of the most stressful times in life, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools, knowledge, and planning it is possible to have a move go slowly and without problems. Storage facilities in San Diego can help the moving process through a full service of storage and moving tools.

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