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Available Business Center at Solana Beach Storage


5 Star Storage always focuses on the needs of clients first, and many businesses find the specific need for an off­site business center for meeting and presentations.

Solana Beach Storage meets this need.

The storage location has been serving northern San Diego for 40 years, and continues to do while updating to modern demands. Clients who take advantage of the location and property, can maximize time with multiple amenities.

Wi­fi is essential in a wireless internet age, and the quality wi­fi provided to the business center will keep all connections and communication moving smoothly.

A large flat screen TV makes for great presentations. The modern television is easy to use with computers and devices so technical issues don’t bog down the meeting.

The conference room is a spacious area that can accommodate groups of varying size. There is no need to squish together and also no need to yell across a large table.

Complimentary beverages are served for all meeting members to enjoy. Water, tea, and coffee are all provided.

The setting is perfect for small businesses with limited office space. Growing office space too quickly or slowly can be an issue for young companies, and 5 Star Storage presents an easy solution to fix the issue.

Companies need space: file storage, shelving, deliveries, stocks, supplies.

At our Solana Beach location, our aim is to help young or established businesses scale by providing the space to fill. If your company is looking for grow, take advantage of the benefits of extra storage, expert help, and a professional meeting space. Contact us for more information!