Winter-Proofing Your Boat for Self-Storage

5 Star Storage | October 12, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

With winter approaching, few people are taking their boats out on the water as often, and many are looking for a place to put them away for part of the year. The best solution for your boat, if you won't be using it for a while is indoor boat storage. It can be tricky to find the right storage solution though, and even when you do, you still have to prepare your ride for long-term storage. We've assembled an effective guide to help get your boat ready to put away, and also to help you find the ideal storage location. Read through the steps and safeguard your boat until the next boating season. 

Run it and Clean it

Before you can store your boat, you have to run it one last time. While taking it out on the water get it up to speed fully and really push your boat. Note any potential issues it's having and make the necessary repairs to get it back in top condition. It's common for even minor problems to worsen while your boat is sitting over time. Repair any hull cracks, and other major issues immediately. After that test drive, you must drain the water from all the tanks, and clean out anything that's still sitting in or on your boat. Wipe it down thoroughly and make sure every area of your boat is thoroughly cleaned up. 

Remove the Sensitive Bits

Anything that could go bad from things like moisture damage and mildew needs to be removed before putting your boat into storage. Things like electronics, leather or fabric interior accents, accessories, the battery and anything else that can be taken off that could go bad should be removed and put into a climate-controlled storage area you can monitor. For many people, this means a small area in their home. 

Winterize the Engine and Seal the Exhaust

Another important step to ready your boat for winter storage is winterizing the engine itself. Flush it out with fresh water to remove salt and prevent corrosion. Change the oil and the oil filters. Top off the gas tank with fresh gas. Apply a fogging oil to your spark plug holes and the carburetor and add in a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank to keep the fuel-ready to go for next season. Refill the coolant system using antifreeze as well, even if you don't think your ride will reach freezing temperatures it's not a bad idea to be prepared anyway. 

Wax and Cover

Whether you're going to store your boat outdoors or inside, you should apply a thick wax finish to the hull of your boat for added weather protection. Also, secure a weather-tight cover over the boat for extra protection. 

Find the Right Storage Space

After you've gone through all these basic winterizing steps it's time to track down the storage you'll be using. Look for a self-storage space that's indoors and large enough to keep your boat out of the way. Find a location that's affordable and easily accessible too. We offer secure storage in Solano Beach, CA, that has room for some larger boats. Try for fully indoor spaces when you can, but also consider secure covered storage for your boat so it's still protected and safeguarded when it isn't in use.