5 Signs You Might Need a Storage Unit

5 Star Storage | April 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Are the walls closing in? When you open a closet does a heap of clothes and other items fall on your head? There are so many reasons why you might need some extra space. Maybe you just want to clean things up or maybe you have a new roommate moving in. Here are the some the clear signs you have too much stuff and not enough space!

1) You Can’t Walk Around without Slamming into Something

You walk to the left and you knock something over. Then to the right and trip over something. The thing is most of us keep extra stuff lying around because we want to have the convenience of being able to get something day or night.

Why not rent a storage unit where you can access your stuff whenever you need it? That way your house can be as comfortable as you want it to be!

2) You Don’t Even Know What’s in the Boxes Anymore

Somehow one box becomes two becomes three. Soon the boxes have things stacked on top of them. Then you want to buy something new, but don’t even have a spot to store it once you unwrap it.

These are things you know be might useful one day, but just not sure when that day may be, like family heirlooms or old clothes. You’re in the odd bind where you don’t want to donate or recycle the the stuff but also don’t want it out and about either. The storage unit is the perfect solution for this as your things will always be there waiting for you.

3) You Can’t Remember What was the Last Thing You Lent Someone

This one is great. You can recall lending someone something, but just can’t put your finger on it. What was it? A book? A kitchen utensil? These things happen when your home has become too cluttered and disorganized.

A clean house is a clean mind and a storage unit gives the space to keep the things you don’t need in your daily life in a convenient location while freeing up your home to keep what you need at hand.

4) Every Closet, Crawl Space, and Spot Under the Bed is Occupied

All you have to do is just breakdown this box, slide it under the bed...nope! There is no space anywhere. It’s summer so you just need to find that box with your clothes. You tear apart the closet and it’s not there. You go for the garage and rip open sixteen cabinets..still not there.

There is stuff everywhere, just not what you are you looking for. This happens when you have filled the place up completely so there is no room for you to store anything else or even just go through the stuff you have.

5) You Have the Largest Room in the Apartment or Even a Big House but Don’t Have a Place to Entertain People

This is particularly frustrating if you are paying high rent for an apartment in the city. You might be throwing down the cash to have a big place but it’s still completely eaten up by stuff. Instead of trying to find a bigger place where you might have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars more per month, get a storage place. For a low price, you can have all the benefits of extra space without breaking your wallet!

It’s Pretty Simple

If you are looking to have a cleaner, better organized house so you can get the most out of your monthly rent or mortgage payment, then box up your extra stuff and send it over to a storage unit. It’s the simple solution to make your life simply hassle-free.