Accessing Your Halloween Decorations with Self-Storage

Admin | September 25, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

As the holiday season approaches it's time to dig out your decorations from your Solano Beach self-storage to get ready to celebrate. Since Halloween is coming first, it's important to pull out your boxes of decorations and verify that they're all in good condition.

Self-storage units make storing holiday decor convenient and they help keep your home from getting cluttered. If you keep your decorations in self-storage, you can use this guide to help you get your items efficiently and to help you make the most of your self-storage space too. Follow along and prepare for the upcoming holiday season using our tips. 

Package and Store Your Decorations with Care

The number one tip we can give you for accessing your Halloween decorations from storage is to pack them carefully. Mark the contents of each box down on paper and label each box with Halloween decorations as well as a number. You can compare these numbers with your inventory sheet later, to be sure you have everything. Take the time to wrap any delicate items you have in paper, and be careful to store in durable boxes that will hold up to being moved around. Consider investing in moisture-resistant plastic containers for long-term storage, because they will last longer than boxes do. 

Carefully Remove Your Items from Holiday Storage

Storage units are convenient for holding all the things that you can't fit in your home neatly, but they can become cluttered and difficult to navigate if they aren't maintained carefully. Grab each container of Halloween decorations from your storage units, as well as any additional holiday packages you'll want for the next few months. 

Look Over Your Decorations

After you remove your Halloween items from your storage units, it's important to look through everything and verify that the items are all there. Dig through each of your boxes, set up the different items, and make sure you didn't miss a container. This process is easier if you have an inventory list you can look at. 

Repair and Replace Decorations As-Needed

Once you have your Halloween items out of your self-storage unit, it's time to look at each item and verify it's in good condition. You should set up and test out your decorations to verify that they're still functioning properly. Take your time testing each item, and repair any damage they're suffering from while replacing worn out lightbulbs and dead batteries as you go. 

Store Your Summer Items

While removing your Halloween decorations from storage, along with your other holiday decorations, it's the perfect time to tuck away all the seasonal items you want out of your home from the summer months. Neatly package and label these items so they remain in good condition during storage until you're ready to take them out at the end of spring. 

Holiday self-storage space is convenient, and it's easy to see as you can see from our brief overview. Keep our tips in mind when you start digging out your holiday decor and you'll be in good shape when it's time to start decorating.