Using Self-Storage for Spring Renovations

5 Star Storage | March 8, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

With the long winter over, people are getting ready for spring cleaning and renovating. If you’re ready to spruce up your home, 5 Star Self-Storage in Solana Beach, CA, has a few budget-friendly tips for spring renovations.


Decide Where to Keep Your Stuff 

First things first: Some of these projects could get messy. The last thing you want is your priceless heirloom splattered in paint or covered in sawdust. Find a place to keep your items and move them out of the room you’ll be renovating.

Whether the attic, a spare bedroom, or even a storage unit, keeping your items safe and secure (and clean) throughout renovating is always the first step towards a successful project.

Add Some New Color

Winter just feels drab and dull, doesn’t it? Now that spring is here and the world is in bloom, add some color to your home to freshen up your space!

Try a fresh coat of paint on your bedroom or bathroom walls. Choose a vivid color, one that matches the brightness of springtime, and you’ll be amazed at how much different your home can feel! Good Housekeeping has some fantastic color recommendations to consider if you’re looking to embrace some color in your home. If you need a place to put things while you’re creating your masterpiece, 5 Star has Solana Beach storage that can be rented both short and long-term.

Refresh Your Home’s Entryway

Since your entryway is usually the first thing guests and visitors see of your home, it’s a great spring project to revive and refresh it.

If you’ve already painted a bedroom or bathroom, consider using that leftover paint on your front door for a new look. If your entryway looks a bit tired, add some planters with bright spring flowers for a more inviting and welcoming look.

Consider a bright springtime wreath to give some pizzazz to your front door. It will spread cheer the second people arrive on your doorstep. Check out some of these visuals from MyMove to get inspired. Through it all, if you need storage for other seasonal decorations, consider self-storage to keep those items safe.

Swap Out Linens and Pillows 

Our last budget-friendly tip for sprint renovation is to change out your linens and pillows. It doesn’t take much money, and you’ll be surprised how different a couple of pillows or a new bedspread can make your room seem.

As always, keep your other items in storage so you can swap them in and out as necessary. You’ll feel like you have a new room without actually spending anything when you switch them out. 

5 Star Has the Self-Storage in Solana Beach, CA, to Help 

5 Star has self-storage to help with any of your spring renovation projects, whether big or small. Whether you just need a small space to store a few items or a large storage unit for all your belongings, 5 Star has the options and amenities you need. We’re always offering different promotions and discounts, so visit us online and see how you can save!