This Season’s Top 3 Packing Tips

Admin | December 23, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Moving is a hassle, but properly packing takes a lot of the stress out of moving! Things are easier to move, store and find when you need them. Self-storage is so much easier with preparation and organization, so below, we’ve compiled the three most important packing and moving tips for you to use.

Small Boxes with Similar Contents

Our first tip involves box sizes. Did you know that some of the best organization tips involve smaller -- not bigger storage boxes? We recommend using small to medium boxes, making them easier to lift, move and strategically place in your storage unit. Additionally, we recommend putting similar items into the boxes so that they’re organized. Don’t forget to label! When it comes time to find them, it’ll be as easy as reading the box. Use a different label color for each room and keep those boxes together. And lastly, don’t overpack boxes, they’re more likely to cave at the bottom and they’re much harder to move.

Find the Right Storage Unit

Whether you’re between houses or simply have too much to keep in your house, self-storage is a great option. What’s most important is finding the right unit so you’re not overpaying for space or in a unit that’s too small. First, pick the perfect size for the belongings you’ll be storing. For reference, check out our sizing guide. Determine if you need climate-controlled storage to keep items such as books, photographs, instruments, and other fragile materials safe. At 5 Star Storage, we offer all of the sizing, climate-controlled, drive up and indoor options you could possibly need!

Pack the Unit Properly

Organizing your storage unit is the best advice we can offer. We recommend using shelves to maximize space and make everything easier to find when the time comes. Take your small, easy-to-lift boxes and put those with similar content together. Pack everything tightly but leave an aisle way to move throughout your storage unit. 

Moving is a lot less stressful when it’s planned and organized. With these packing and moving tips, you’ll be storing like a pro in no time. We at 5 Star Storage offer the best experience in San Diego self-storage, see what else we can do for you here.