Storage Guide 101: Do you need a climate controlled storage unit?

5 Star Storage | April 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

A rental storage unit, and in many cases a climate controlled storage unit are both great options for households with space restriction issues. You get to storing and keeping cherished possessions instead of selling them off cheap or even giving them away. However, certain items could be at risk if left at the mercy of changing climate conditions. This is when a climate controlled storage units could prove essential rather than nice to have.

Advantages: Climate Controls for Harsh Humidity Levels

A climate controlled storage unit is the answer to high humidity levels, and is proving evermore popular in rental storage facilities. Some 75 percent of newly built facilities now offer this feature. Temperature and humidity control help prevent damage when items are stored for long periods, particularly items sensitive to wide temperature swings and rising levels of humidity.

A climate controlled storage unit typically keeps humidity levels around a safe 55 percent. High humidity is particularly dangerous to a variety of items, and can cause old-style photos to stick together, leather goods to crack, and warping on real wood furniture. If you plan to place goods such as these in storage, rather opt for a climate controlled storage unit.

Cooling Alone is Insufficient

Units that simply cool air using air conditioning may not bring moisture levels low enough to protect all items. You need to search for a storage unit that actively dehumidifies the air, if you want to store items sensitive to humidity. Artwork, electronics, and treasured items like pianos will need pampering in storage.

Added Cost of a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

The additional cost of renting a climate controlled storage unit can run anywhere between 20 and 50 percent higher than traditional storage. Based on supply and demand factors, the additional cost of controlled climatic conditions is acceptable to many users. Some see it as a must-have, rather than a nice-to-have because it gives the client peace of mind.

Is a Climate Controlled Storage Unit Really Necessary?

Traditional storage is not under threat from a climate controlled storage unit environment. Not everyone needs climate control. Large parts of the United States enjoy milder climate conditions that obviate the need for any climate controlled storage unit in the rental facilities.

Users planning to store items for short time periods can probably make good with traditional self-storage. It all depends on the season and weather patterns, and ultimately it is a personal choice. While climate control does rent for a premium, many regard the benefits as far outweighing the cost factor. A climate controlled storage unit is not necessarily the answer to all situations.

Climate Controlled Storage Unit vs Traditional Rental Storage

If you plan to store expensive or irreplaceable goods, and local climatic conditions are harsh, your decision is a no-brainer. If in doubt, have the discussion with your preferred storage provider and ask them to assess your particular circumstances. They will know what to ask, and can help you make the right choice.