Preparing for Spring with Solana Beach Storage

5 Star Storage | February 8, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Preparing for spring in Solana Beach may not be as much of an undertaking as it is in parts of the world with more dramatic season changes, but there are likely some changes you'll want to make around your home, and Solana Beach storage units can help with many of those common tasks. 


Sort Through the Clutter in Your Home


The first step to effectively utilizing Solana Beach storage for spring cleaning tasks is to sort through all the extra items in your home. Go through each room in your home and set aside anything you don't want or need to use in that space. 


As you pick through the extra items in your home, decide what you want to put in storage, what you want to keep in your home, what you want to resell, and what you want to give away or donate. Make separate piles for each of these items and keep a close eye on the storage pile to help you select the right storage unit for your belongings. 


Clean and Prepare Your Items for Storage


Once you know exactly what you want to put into your Solana Beach self-storage unit, you can move on to preparing everything to last in storage. Wash any clothing, wipe down furniture and clean up everything you plan to tuck away. 


Take your time packaging up different items and do your best to protect any fragile items you're placing in storage. Wrap glass or ceramic items in packing paper and put them into protective boxes that are fully packed to limit sliding during a move. 


Also, take care to label each of your containers with descriptions to let you know what's contained inside. This will make life easier when you want to pull objects out of storage later on. 


Remove the Spring and Summer Decor from Storage


A self-storage unit is an ideal place to keep seasonal decor. If you stored your spring and summer lawn ornaments or 4th of July decor away for the winter months, now is the time to bring those back out of storage. Grab the packages containing all your spring decor, verify the inventory is right, and bring them home to dress up your house. 


Swap Seasonal Clothing Items


Even though temperature variations are slight throughout the year in Solana Beach, you likely have some warmer clothes during the winter months than during spring and summer, especially if you travel up north during that time. 


Now is the time to begin packing those warmer pieces away until fall. Wash these items one last time and carefully package them into boxes, bins, or wardrobe boxes if you want to preserve them as effectively as possible. Label the clothing containers with care so you can locate them later. 


Exchange Seasonal Tools and Outdoor Items


With access to self-storage space in Solana Beach, you can keep the unnecessary tools and outdoor equipment stored during the off-season and bring them back out later on. If you have tools or other items, such as HVAC maintenance equipment, gutter cleaning tools, or other things you infrequently use, store them in your unit and pull them out on an as-needed basis. Having access to self-storage for holding the things you use infrequently can greatly improve your spring-cleaning efforts and help you accomplish more in less time. 


Just changing up the decor in your home and swapping out some seasonal items can make your home seem updated and enhanced. Having access to a secure and reliable self-storage unit can help you get through those tasks faster and keep your home clutter-free for every season.