Top Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Storage Unit

Admin | January 27, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Often storage units are purchased in hopes of battling clutter at home only to become an extension of that clutter. Self-storage facilities like 5 Star Storage are powerful tools for cleaning out your home and setting aside items you care about but don't use as frequently, but only when they're used properly. Below are just a few spring cleaning tips you can use to make your unit more efficient, effective and clean. 

Declutter By Category for Maximum Efficiency

Do yourself a favor and take a look at the different items held in your 5 Star Storage unit. Chances are good that you don't need many of the items. The Marie Kondo storage cleaning strategy will have you sort your storage items by category, then start getting rid of all the objects that you don't need or that don't bring you joy any longer. Organize your storage clothing into different types and you'll find it easier than you think to find shirts, jackets and other items that you don't need to keep around any longer. When you're finished decluttering your unit, store your to-keep items in the categories you sorted them in, this will make your unit more efficient the next time you need to find something. 

Keep Stored Items Visible

Often storage units are purchased to help battle clutter at home. One of the keys to successfully avoid purchasing items you don't need is to store them in a way that they are as visible as possible. When we're talking about self-storage units that means utilizing shelves and other flat and tall storage products rather than storage bins. If you must use bins choose products that are clear when possible so you can easily see what you have. You'll be more likely to acquire duplicates of items that you can't see. When everything is visible you'll think of the items more often which will keep new clutter from developing. Out of all the storage ideas for clutter, this tip will help you make use of your stored items more frequently, and keep you from accumulating more mess. 

Find a Way to Consolidate Nostalgic Items

While it's nice having photo books to look through, old cards to glance at and artwork from your children, that doesn't mean you need to allow your storage unit to fill up with items held purely for nostalgic purposes. Instead, sort through all your old nostalgia pieces and split them into a keep and toss pile. Once you have a smaller pile of items to deal with, think of ways that you can consolidate them into smaller spaces.  Cut up favorite cards and fit them into a scrapbook. Scan child artwork and make it into digital albums you can enjoy at home. Consider combining old children's clothing into crafts like t-shirt quilts, or stuffed animals. 

Your 5 Star Storage unit can be a powerful tool to help you keep your home neat, while hiding away seasonal items or decorations, but only when you take care of it. Use the self-storage organization and cleaning tips above to help you draw value from your storage, and bring a little more joy into your life!