Help Dad with Winter Prep Thanks to Solano Storage

5 Star Storage | November 9, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Even though Solano Beach isn't known for serious weather changes throughout the year, there are still lots of winter prep tasks to complete when you live in the area. Your dad is probably busy dealing with pre-winter prep on an annual basis, which means that you can help make his life easier by lending a hand during this period. If you have access to a Solano Beach storage unit you'll find it even easier to help your dad. Learn how you can lend a hand and give your dad some extra tools as he goes through the winter prep checklist this season. 

Stockpile Emergency Supplies

It's important to have access to emergency supplies just in case something goes wrong during the winter months. With access to self-storage in Solano Beach, you can give your dad a place to put away extra food, emergency tools, and equipment that might be valuable if something goes wrong. Whether you want to be prepared for an unexpected weather event, or another emergency situation, taking a moment to set aside medical supplies, stored water, protective equipment, and more in your storage unit can help both you and your dad stay prepared for anything. Start stockpiling supplies as soon as possible and you'll be ready for serious situations before they arise. 

Put Away Pool Supplies

Few people keep their pools open throughout the winter months. Since you won't be using your pool during these cooler months it's time to pack up the supplies and keep them safe until next season. Storage units in Solano Beach, CA, give you room to get the supplies out of the way while keeping them all together. Slip the chemicals and other maintenance equipment into labeled containers and put them into your self-storage space. Also add things like floaties, life jackets, and anything else that's related to your dad's pool that he doesn't want out in the yard during the winter. 

Pack Up Garden Extras

The fall is the perfect time to begin gathering extras from your garden and yard and packing them away. Load these items into your Solano Beach self-storage unit and keep them protected until the following season. Taking this one step will give your dad's yard an instant makeover and will help extend the life of his items as well. 

Perform Exterior Maintenance Work

As winter approaches it's time to do things like patch up the roof, repair any damage to the paint finish or sealants around the exterior of the home. There are dozens of small repairs that need doing, and it can take real-time and energy to complete these tasks. Even if you don't have the space for the necessary tools for these maintenance tasks at home, you can often keep a few essentials in a storage unit until you need them each year. Keep the important maintenance tools available and use them to help dad get these maintenance tasks done each season. 

Winter maintenance takes time and energy and it's not something you're dad is likely to be looking forward to. By investing in Solano Beach storage and utilizing your space properly, you can help your dad get through these difficult tasks in less time. Lend a hand this fall and winter and your dad will be able to prepare for the cooler season in record time.