Simplify Your Life: 4 Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit

5 Star Storage | April 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

It’s a funny old thing but we always seem to end up with clutter we can’t throw away. Sometimes we have an emotional attachment because it relates to a special moment. At other times we are scared to throw something away because we might need it again tomorrow. Renting a storage unit for a while helps relieve the pressure.

Renting a Storage Unit for a Painless Declutter

A storage unit rental is a great way to store seasonal equipment. Like the snowmobile cluttering the yard in summer or the foldaway swimming pool water slide. It’s also nice and private so we don’t have a neighbor nosing over the fence and saying we should protect it.

The neatest thing about renting a storage unit for these purposes is the seasonal equipment stays nice and clean undercover and does not degrade from being outside.

Using a Temporary Storage Unit During a Move

Moving between homes can be a real pain when we have to do it in a day and be ready for the office tomorrow. Our life descends into chaos as the boxes pile up. Renting a storage unit is a great solution for an interim stopgap.

We can put things we don’t need right away into the rental lockup space, where they stay safe until phase two of the move. More and more Americans are renting a storage unit while relocating to their new home.

How Renting a Storage Unit Makes It Easier When Downsizing

Most singles and couples feel the need for less space after the kids have grown up and moved away. Much of the surplus furnishings have to do with raising children. Uncertainty creeps in when we wonder whether Mary or Joe or Henry or Sue wouldn’t find the stuff useful when they have their own kids.

Renting a storage unit is the number one solution for cots, prams, and kids’ desks in transit from one family to another. The old folk used attics. Rental storage facilities are so much simpler and easier when downsizing.

Creating More Space When the Kids Come to Stay

If we don’t downsize when the kids move out, clutter will take over the space they cleared. Nature abhors a vacuum and we have a wonderful time with more disposable income. We are ecstatic when one of the kids wants to visit over Christmas.

Crunch time comes when we remember the partner and two kids. Thank heavens renting a storage unit is so quick and easy. In no time at all, both dens move out and we have space for two bedrooms. Moreover, renting a storage unit costs less than you think.

Make Your Move to a Storage Rental Unit Soon

If you have a space situation that is bugging you at the office or at home, consider hiring extra space while you sort your issues out. All you need do is find someone renting a storage garage you can trust. Even better, find a storage unit company in San Diego with experience. They will know just what you need and liaise with your removal company to make it happen.