4 Wardrobe Organizational Tips

5 Star Storage | August 10, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

So many people are plagued by messy closets. "I can never find anything to wear" is such a common complaint, but it doesn't have to be like this! Achieving a fully-organized wardrobe might seem like an unattainable dream, but it's possible to take back your closet with the right approach.

Follow along and test some of our home storage ideas, and don't be afraid to seek out storage in Solano Beach, CA if you don't have enough room at home for all your storage needs. Self-storage space will simplify the task of maintaining a full wardrobe, especially if you live with less closet space than you would like. 

Remove Unimportant items From Your Closet

Before testing out any of our wardrobe storage ideas, you should purge your closets of all the unnecessary items that aren't worth holding onto. These are all the things you thought you would wear but never do. Start thinking of your closet as a practical space for your everyday clothing and less of a catch-all for the clothing you like, and you'll be on your way to success. Remove the things you don't wear and sell them or donate them to clear up room for the things you really use on a daily basis. 

Use Special Hangers to Save on Space

Once you've dealt with the excess, you can move on to storage hacks like special hangers. Instead of investing in a whole wardrobe storage organizer system, look at narrow hangers and tiered hangers. Use the narrow hangers for your shirts, dresses, and other lightweight clothing items that can be put very close together. Rely on tiered hangers to stack your bottoms if you hang those, and you'll fit twice the number of items in the same space. 

Box up Bulky Items

It's tempting to hang up your jackets, plush sweaters, and sweatpants in your closet, but this isn't the most efficient way to organize your space. Instead, box up these larger items into garment containers and tuck them away in your home storage space. You might even have space at the bottom of your closet for some of these items. Just take care to label and organize your boxes, so each item is easily accessible. 

Store Seasonal Items out of the Way

You may not have to worry about major temperature shifts throughout the year in Solano Beach, CA, as people in more northern climates do, but chances are good you have some clothing items you only wear for part of the year. Whether you have special holiday-themed attire or outfits you won't wear past Labor Day; there are some clothing pieces you can box up and tuck away. Slip these things into protective wardrobe boxes and put them away in your home storage. If you don't have the room to store them at home, invest in good-quality self-storage instead. With the proper storage space, you can keep your valuables safe and open up even more room in your home wardrobe too. 

Here at 5 Star Storage, we offer protective storage units to meet all your space requirements. Choose from the small or large units at our Solano Beach self-storage facility and get the room you need to create a more satisfying home wardrobe.