Self Storage Rental 101: 7 Organizational Hacks for Frequent Access

5 Star Storage | April 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Most folks think the general idea is to squeeze in as much as possible and maybe just grudgingly allow a single narrow central aisle. That is crazy unless you plan to leave the stuff untouched in your self-storage rental until you uplift the whole lot on a single day.

How to Pack a Self Storage Rental So You Can Reach Stuff

Take a careful look around your sitting room. You do not jam all the chairs in a corner. You spread them out a bit, so you can pick the one you want for a particular day. The same principle applies to a self-storage rental unless you do not want to be able to access anything at all. If that were the case, you might just need to declutter instead of packing for storage.

7 Organizational Hacks to Get To What You Want

Hack # 1: Lay the Place out Right: While you don’t want a city grid as comprehensive as Manhattan, you do need a central ‘high street’ from the front to the back. Then you need at least one side street running from left to right or right to left if you are a southpaw. If your self-storage rental is as big as a barn, you need more.

Hack # 2: Standardize Your Boxes: Pick a standard range of boxes to say full, half and quarter size. Make sure you can group the smaller ones to take the same space as the large ones so they nest nicely together with no empty spaces. 5 Star Storage provides a variety of different packing supplies and boxes to choose from.

Hack # 3: Pick up an empty box and carry it at a comfortable height while an assistant measures the distance between your elbows. Remember to properly lift the boxes as to not get hurt.  That distance, plus six inches is the width of your high street and side street(s).Get some chalk, and mark out your self-storage rental grid arrangement. Do not use tape because it will rub loose from foot traffic.

Hack # 4: Make a drawing of the space as if you are using only full-size boxes. Number the rectangles of the ‘checkerboard’ this creates. These numbers are the ‘addresses’ of the boxes in those positions.

Hack # 5: Separate what you want to put into your self-storage rental into three piles. These are (a), I will need to access this, (b), I may but it is unlikely, and (c), I will not need this at all.

Hack # 6: Now pack the (c) items first, making sure to label and number the boxes clearly before stacking them as high as you can against the rear and side walls of your self- storage rental unit. Make sure you can easily see the number of each box, and update your master schedule as you proceed. Anything that you will not need at all is a good enough reason for donation.

Hack # 7: Repeat the process with the (b) items next, and then the (a) items finally. Congratulations! You have packed the items in your self-storage rental unit according to the likelihood you may need them. Moreover, you can get to them easily too.

Self-storage rental is an ideal way to archive less-needed possessions within easy access until you need them. 5 Star Storage is available at any time to provide assistance and advice. You could call us now if you like. Our lines are open nine to five.