Self-Storage Can Help When Life Changes

Admin | January 13, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Life is full of large and unexpected changes. Many of those changes force you into situations where you don't have enough space for all your belongings any longer. If you're currently going through something like this don't panic! Five Star Storage can help. We offer a range of self-storage units to choose from for storing a small room's worth of valuables all the way up to a whole house. Learn about how we can help with some of life's most unexpected moments. 

Simplify a Move to a Smaller Location

Moving from one location to another is an overwhelming experience, but it's one that many people face today. Matters become even more complicated when you're going from a large location to a smaller one. Whether you go through a messy divorce, or you've decided you want to downsize for a simpler life, chances are good that you have more property than what your new home will fit. 

This is the perfect problem for a self-storage service like 5 Star Storage. With quality storage units, you'll have the added space you need to store the larger pieces of furniture and other items that won't fit into your new space properly. With the items stored away, you can slowly sell them off, or hold onto them until you're ready to move to a larger location once again. 

How to Handle Inherited Property

Few people expect to inherit the property of friends or family members in their lifetime, but it's more common than you might realize. An unexpected death in the family could leave you with a house full of property to sift through and to manage, or perhaps you have a parent that's moving to an assisted living facility and leaving behind most of their larger valuables. 

Either way, you could be left sorting through a pile of property without any place to put it. Investing in a large storage unit will give you the space you need to keep the items until you have time to sort through them and decide what should be done with them. 

Navigate a Foreclosure

Nobody wants to go through a foreclosure, but sometimes they're inevitable. If you've recently gone through a foreclosure, or a friend or family member you know has, getting a 5 Star Storage unit is the best way to get your valuables out of the house and to a place for safekeeping. 5 Star Storage offers a range of storage solutions big and small so you can get just the right size space to store away whatever you need to be protected.