Self Storage Advice: 4 Tips for Keeping Your Valuables Safe

5 Star Storage | April 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

It is always wise to seek self storage advice when it comes to the safekeeping of your valuables once you place them to store. Whether you need storage organization for your expensive shoe collection  or safekeeping for your rare book collection. Your possessions in a prepaid rental storage facility are less vulnerable to theft than they would be sitting around at home. This is because self storage units are secure and your goods are safely locked away with you as the only key holder.

Moreover, storage rental units are monitored by CCTV and some even have live-in security in place. On the other hand, an opportunistic thief knows that the pickings will be good. Once they gain access to your self-storage unit, some will stop at nothing! 5 Star Storage focuses on the safety and security of your items by making sure your items are stored correctly.

It makes sense to take every precaution necessary to safeguard your valuables. If you are storing your valuables in a long-term self-storage facility, you want to ensure nothing bad will happen. This article offers some self storage advice and tips aimed at minimizing the risk of theft of your valuables from your store unit. 

Safe and Sound

Good to know then that placing your valuables into self storage is a great way to keep them safe and secure. Something you want to avoid at all cost is receiving your items back damaged, because they were not properly prepared for the time in your rental unit. One of the first considerations of self storage advice is to pack and box your possessions correctly to avoid damage.

Top Ways to Keep Your Valuables Safe

Keep a Record - Make an itemized inventory of everything you plan to place into storage. This is especially important if you are constantly using your self storage rental and need frequent access. Record the replacement value of each item and note the serial numbers of all electronic goods and appliances. Once completed, your inventory will prove essential for any claim against theft, fire, or damage of any kind.

Lock it Securely - You must take some responsibility in terms of securing your goods in storage. Under most store facilities, a decent padlock and chain should top your list. This is an essential deterrent in thwarting theft and safeguarding your goods. Make sure that the lock you purchase is tamper proof and good to withstand any challenge from bolt and wire cutters.

Any worthwhile storage facility should offer several layers of security for your goods in store. Is perimeter fencing in place and how solid is the entry and exit gate? The best facilities should include entering a unique electronic key code on entry and exit.   Is video surveillance in place? A video recording can help identify and apprehend an intruder intent on gaining access.

Environmental Protection - When seeking self storage advice, ask what systems are in place to keep out harsh climate extremes. There are many items that benefit from a climate controlled unit. Your prepaid rental unit should offer adequate protection from the elements, preferably with a climate control system in place. Cheaper facilities may seem like a cost saving, but not at the expense of damage to your goods from the likes of mildew and mold.

Top Tip - Plan for all Eventualities

Even the best-laid plans can go awry, even after following self storage advice provided by the facility you decided to use. This is why it is so important to insure for all eventualities. This needs to include fire, theft, and other damage no matter how caused.