Quarantine Self-Storage Usage

5 Star Storage | December 22, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

A self-storage unit is a powerful tool, but it's easy to forget all about something like that while quarantined due to a pandemic like COVID-19. As tensions ease and things open back up people will go back to using self-storage solutions again and likely with more frequency. 

As it happens, our Solana Beach storage facility wants everyone to keep in mind the best-practices that make storage so useful and beneficial. That's what this guide is all about. Let it serve as a reminder for anyone that's used self-storage previously, or as a bit of a primer to people that are newly considering storage solutions for personal or business uses. 

Follow along to learn how to keep your unit organized, and how to make it as efficient as possible so you uncover the true value of storage solutions. 

Get Started with an Organized Plan

To begin your self-storage journey you need a defined plan about what you're going to use your storage for. That means deciding the purpose of self-storage for you and then picking out the individual items that will be placed into storage. For some people, it's removing clutter from the home, and the most logical items to put into storage are seasonal clothing, outdoor equipment, and other things that are only used for part of the year. For others, self-storage units are for keeping excess business equipment that won't fit at the office, so tools, equipment, and merchandise are kept in storage. 

Decide what the storage is for, how it's going to benefit you, and then decide exactly what you're going to put into storage. Knowing what you're going to store, and actually gathering those items up in one location, will help you decide which size storage unit to get. 

Pack and Label with Care

As you gather up the different items to be placed into your Solana Beach self-storage unit, you need to carefully pack them into boxes and plastic bins and other protective containers. Square containers work best because most storage units are square or rectangular. Wrap delicate items and then place them in rigid containers, and take care to label all your containers as clearly as possible. You can use tape an a marker, write directly on boxes, or invest in a label maker to help you take on this task. 

Stack and Sort and Inventory

With everything packed up and ready to go, you can move your items into your storage units. During this process you want to focus on two things, putting things in locations that make sense, and leaving room for you to navigate your unit later on. The first goal is simple to accomplish. Just group like items with like items. All your summer things could go in one area, while the fall could go in another, or you could group all your decorations in one location. Try and come up with themes for your unit and group items appropriately. 

The second goal, easy navigation, comes from careful stacking. Stack up lighter boxes on heavy boxes and organize the stacks into neat lines with aisles you can walk through if possible. By leaving these walking spaces you can easily access everything within your unit without digging for it. 

It's also advisable to create an inventory that shows where different boxes in your unit are located and explains what is in each of the boxes. With a detailed inventory, you'll never forget where your possessions are in storage, and you'll be able to efficiently access everything as you need it. 

Reassess Your Stored Items Periodically

The final step to running a storage unit effectively at a top-quality location such as 5 Star Storage is to come back and look through your unit regularly. By visiting storage a few times a year and getting rid of the boxes that you don't care about any longer, you can free up space for new items to go into storage and over time you might even be able to downsize your storage unit for a smaller and more affordable space if you lower the amount that you need to store. 

It's easy to forget just how useful self-storage spaces can be, but when used properly they can have a huge impact on your life and your business. By following the guidelines listed above you should be able to make the most of self-storage and improve your results with one of these units as well.