Pods VS Self Storage: A Comparison

5 Star Storage | April 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Before we get started with this pods vs self storage comparison, we need to get a handle on the differences between the two options. Essentially, pods are metal containers that you can use when storing, moving, or both if the need calls for a two-stage move. This type of rental facility targets local and long distance moving, on-site storage, and centralized storage centers.

Looking at Pods First

The Upside

In terms of convenience, clients do not have a need to travel to and access storage centers that may be far away. Pod delivery is to your front door, subject to local laws governing pavement hoarding.

Similarly, pick-up arrangements will be from the same drop off point once the pod is loaded. You then have the option to move your goods to your final destination or hold them at a long-term pod facility for as long as required.

The Downside

Price is the main discriminator; pods are relatively expensive compared to self storage. This is because of the number of storage facility interactions involved in getting the pod to and then back from your present location.

Other salient issues in the pods vs self storage debate include potential local law enforcement factors – certain local laws outlaw the storing of pods on streets. Furthermore, some communities do not permit pods because of heavy-duty trucks and road access considerations. Delivery vehicles may pose a threat and a nuisance to the local community. Here are some other things to know.

Storage Units Next

Self storage is a booming business, and the demand for it seems to just keep on growing. Its take-up over the decades places the Dow Jones in a poor light with ROI comparisons.

The Upside

In this pods vs self storage comparison, self rental storage facilities offer units from 5’ x 5’ to as large as 10’ x 25’, even bigger in some centers. This is at least four more size options than the pod option, which makes it far more flexible and easy to simplify your life. In addition, storage-units are easier to access, especially when the facility is open year round. Organizing your unit for easy access is another plus to renting storage. Price comparisons also favor self storage units over pods.

The Downside

Unlike pods, self-storage facilities do not provide the convenience of on-site access. This means that when renting a storage unit you have to fret over the pressures and time constraints while moving. Pod users have the benefit of a more leisurely approach to their move.

Weighing the Options

Self-storage is what first comes to mind when thinking about storage units. When renting a storage unit, you can expect a room in a storage facility that only you have access to whenever you would like. Utilize self-storage rental organization tips to ensure an easy move to and from the facility!

Similar to pod facilities, most self-store units have strict opening hours, particularly those with maximum security in place. Some do offer around the clock access. Many storage facilities offer climate-controlled spaces that can be ideal if you are storing delicate items, and they come in a variety of sizes. Self-storage units are often more cost-effective, especially if your storage needs are temporary.

Deciding Between Pods vs Self Storage

Opting for a self-storage unit offers flexibility in terms of access, but it can prove stressful with inventory volume and weight issues. Let us not forget time and effort while we consider what is best for your stress-free moving experience.