Packing for Storage: Moving Office Space Checklist

5 Star Storage | April 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Moving an office or business can be a harrowing experience, particularly if planning is vague or ineffective. This is true irrespective of whether you are packing for storage or moving directly to your new premises. It begins with creating a timeline that identifies each major activity. This demands excellent coordination and communication in terms of the big move.  Quite often, your team will need to multitask with several actions vying for attention simultaneously on the critical path.

Plan Effectively – Packing for Storage is the Way Forward

Vacating your present space and moving straight to new premises is one brave decision, one that opens the door to that unwanted problem child named ‘Trouble’. Planning and packing for storage allow the luxury of time and flexibility, while your moving team handles the moving out and into new accommodation effectively.

Discuss your moving or packing for storage plans with your management team. You need their involvement and support if the move is going to succeed. Appoint a committee and discuss and exchange ideas, remembering that communication is a two-way flow. The general rule is to allow at least three months for moving a small office, with six-to-eight months for medium to large enterprises.

Packing for Storage: Moving Office Space Checklist

Since it involves many people, moving your office or business is potentially riskier than moving home and household. Preparation is key to a successful office move, leaving nothing to chance. This includes packing for storage, which should form an integral part of any office move. Let’s move to the critical actions and activities that make up an office or business move and do remember to ensure the event adequately.

Create a Project Schedule – Planning the timeframes is the first thing you should do. This includes setting the date by which your stock, furniture, and equipment all need moving, while also choosing the perfect storage unit size. This is your final move out date and needs synchronizing with packing for storage plans or the move-out / in date between premises.

Task Assigning – As alluded to earlier, it is important to get your management and staff involved in the move from an early stage. Your move committee not only helps organize and plan the relocation but also liaises with the rest of the staff. The committee needs to review, update, and assign responsibilities as needed.

Research and Choose Your Mover – Take time out to research your preferred moving company, making sure that they have professional accreditation and are up to the task. Visit their website and scan the reviews before finally deciding. After choosing, leave it to the professional packers, whether you opt for packing for storage or make the bold decision to move out and in on the same day. We recommend signing a service agreement/contract for your own protection.

Packing for Storage or Moving in Summary

A well-planned move, whether renting a storage unit or moving directly from old to new premises is critical for any business. Cover every base and make sure you enlist the help of professional movers and packers. Work in harmony with your moving team, including the committee you appointed to oversee the move. Renting a storage unit for files, office equipment, and furniture is a sensible start and a clever move!