New Renter's Guide to Self-Storage in Solana Beach

5 Star Storage | January 4, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

If you're thinking of renting self-storage in Solana Beach, CA, to help you with a move, or to help organize and clear your home, there are some things you should know. When you’re brand new to renting, it can be difficult deciding which facility to use, what size and type of units you need and how to use those units effectively. That's why we created a full guide to walk you through all those particulars. Learn this information and you'll feel much more confident using self-storage for your own purposes.

Consider Cost and Location


The first step to finding the perfect storage facility is to think about the storage location that will work best for you, and the features that local facilities have to offer. If you're storing valuables, such as antiques or expensive cars, it's worth finding a facility that's climate-controlled to protect your items from extreme temperatures in the heat of California summers. 


You should also consider whether you want a drive-up location that's ideal for furniture and other large items, or an indoor facility that offers more security but makes access more difficult. Consider all those factors and then choose the facility that fits your needs best. 

Getting the Size and Type Right


When you know where you'll be renting, it's time to consider how big of a unit you'll need. When looking at Solana Beach self-storage, there are units ranging in size from a storage locker, up to a massive 10' x 30' unit. Storage lockers are only good for a few small items, while a 5' x 5' offers enough space for a small appliance, a small piece of furniture or a handful of items. 5' x 10' units are the size of a walk-in closet and give you enough space for seasonal items and maybe some furniture or appliances. 10' x 10' or 10' x 15' units are good for storing valuables in a few rooms of your home or even a small apartment if you don't have too many large items. 


When you step up to 10' x 20' units you can likely store a full apartment or small home. A 10' x 30' unit is meant for storing the contents of a full single-family home and offers the space of an extra-large single-car garage. Think about these size comparisons when choosing your own size, and try to avoid going too small or too large when making your decision. If you do end up with the wrong size unit, most facilities will allow you to swap to a larger or smaller space as long as one is available. 

Protect Your Valuables and Consider Insurance


If you're planning on storing valuable items in your unit it's important to consider the security of your location as well as storage insurance. Look for locations with gated entry, security cameras and other protective features. Also, consider purchasing storage insurance for your valuables. The right plan will cover the cost of stolen or damaged items and will give you the reassurance to keep what you want in your unit with confidence. 


If you decide to keep valuables in your unit make sure you have photos and receipts of the items whenever possible. The more proof you have of the item's value, the easier it will be to get compensation for those items. 


Keep Organized Easily

One key to making use of your storage unit as effectively as possible is to take time to organize the unit. Organization requires planning as you pack your valuables and as you stack them in your unit. If you go with a facility such as 5 Star Storage, you'll enjoy high-ceilings and room to stack your items up high above your head. Pack items into labeled containers, group the containers based on their use, and then neatly position them around your unit in stacked rows. Leave walking spaces throughout your space so you can access all of your boxes and you'll be able to effectively get items in and out of your unit as needed. 

Follow the Rules Carefully


Every storage facility has different rules, but many of the rules are similar no matter where you go. Take the time to get to know the payment date as well as requirements about notifying the facility if you plan to stop renting. Other than those specifics, it's important to avoid storing fuels, foods, firearms, fireworks and other potentially harmful items in your unit. If you store prohibited items there's a chance your insurance won't cover any damage that occurs to the unit if something unexpected happens. Be careful to learn and follow the rules and you shouldn't have any issues with your unit. 


So, what are you waiting for? Drop by 5 Star Storage or rent your unit online to get started on your storage journey today!