3 Things to Know About Moving During COVID-19

Admin | April 26, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

 Even during a worldwide pandemic like COVID-19, moving can still be a necessity. After all, sometimes life won’t wait. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, moving is already stressful enough without doing it during a pandemic.

5 Star Storage has a few handy tips for making sure you stay safe and healthy during a move, even during COVID-19. Even with a vaccine, you should still take precautions to keep everyone safe.


Ask the Right Questions

If you’re planning a move during the pandemic, the first thing to do is to ask the right questions. Whether you’re hiring movers or just counting on friends or family, be sure to ask a few questions before they come help. Even if you’re just moving your items into self-storage, you’ll still want to ensure your helpers are healthy.

First, ask if the movers will be willing to follow social distancing and mask guidelines. Since it’s your move, you set the rules. Also, ask how many movers you’ll need for the job and if anyone has been sick. Also, ask if the movers will be willing to sanitize and wash hands as frequently as needed. Only when you’re comfortable with these answers should you go ahead and book movers or friends to come help. 

A good idea to minimize time spent near others is to move everything that isn’t an absolute necessity into storage units and use movers or friends for the biggest and heaviest items.


Have Plenty of Sanitizing Supplies On Hand

Second, be sure to have plenty of supplies on hand to make sure everyone stays sanitized and clean. Have hand washing and sanitizing stations set up, preferably near the moving truck as well as inside the house.

Ask each of those assisting you to be sure they stay sanitized. Make it clear where the supplies are, and invite everyone to use them as often and as much as needed. Provide gloves and face coverings if needed. If you’re moving items into or out of self-storage, provide hand sanitizer inside the storage unit as well as near the moving truck.

Disinfect Your New Place

Last, when you get to your destination, be sure to disinfect everything. Whether it’s a new home or apartment or storage space, wipe down everything in sight.

From the walls to the doors to everything that can be touched, get Clorox wipes or some other antiseptic, and be sure to clean your space thoroughly. Once you’ve done this, you can have peace of mind that you’ve done all you can to safely move during COVID-19. 


5 Star Storage Can Help With Your Move During COVID-19

No matter how big or small your move is during COVID-19, 5 Star Storage has Solana Beach storage units to keep your items safe and secure during your move. Our self-storage near Solana Beach, CA can hold your items — big or small — as you move during the pandemic.