Using Self-Storage for Long Term Vehicle Storage

Admin | March 30, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Many people have vehicles that they don't use for a portion of the year. Whether you hide away your sports car during the winter months, or you want to pack your boat up when the summer's over, getting a self-storage unit for your vehicle is an ideal solution. Long-term car storage can be tricky. Follow our simple tips to store your vehicle safely. 

Find the Right Size Car Storage for Your Vehicle

At 5 Star Storage, we offer drive-up storage facilities designed specifically for vehicles and RVs. These climate-controlled spaces will keep your vehicles out of the elements during the off-season so they remain in better shape for longer. There are some simple tips you should follow before storing your vehicle in our facility though.

Invest in Jack Stands and Disconnect Your Battery

When you get your car over to our facility put it up on jack stands to help prevent your tires from developing flat spots from sitting for too long. Put your vehicle up on four jack stands that are supported under sturdy sections of your vehicle's frame. This takes the weight off your vehicle and keeps the tires in good shape while the vehicle is in storage. Also, be sure to disconnect your battery so that it doesn't discharge while it sits. Disconnect the negative cable and use a battery maintainer on it every few months to keep it in good condition over time.

Add Fuel Stabilizer and Cover Your Vehicle

To finish preparing your vehicle for long-term storage you’ll want to fill it up with gasoline and add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel. It's better to have a full gas tank because you are less likely to develop rust over time. Also, consider adding a cover over the top of your vehicle while it's tucked away in the self-storage facility. A cover is just added insurance to help keep your vehicle protected while in storage just in case a leak develops during that time, though this is unlikely. By following these simple steps you can protect your vehicles and store them out of the way effectively.