How to Pack your Affordable Moving Boxes for a Self-Storage Unit

5 Star Storage | April 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

OK, so you are planning to translocate. Good move and we wish you well. Perhaps you want to complete the move in an all-in-one-effort. The other option is infinitely more practical, and that is making interim use of a self-storage unit. Making a move directly, without considering the benefits of renting a self-storage and affordable moving boxes could leave you compromised. Follow this article for some pertinent tips and good advice.

Planning Before Packing

Once you have decided on moving, it is time to start thinking logically, preferably in a relaxed manner - the alternative is simply too ghastly to contemplate. Sure, you know you have many items that need moving and your first reaction is to start packing. Hold that thought!

Time to start planning for a relatively stressless move with your self-storage unit firmly in mind. Taking inventory of everything you need to store is a good starting point. Writing it down gives you the advantage of thinking about each individual item that you plan to store, particularly with accessibility in mind once you move into storage.

We recommend these packing tips for effective use your storage unit. Following them will help save time and maximize space too. Check the dimensions of your self-storage unit with the team down at the facility. Units come in different sizes and features to accommodate all needs. Ready to get started - Let’s get packing using these tips:

  • Aim to maximize the use of your self-storage space while remembering to protect fragile and delicate items. Utilize all of the vertical space
  • Group frequent-use items together. These you should pack last and keep them together at the front of your storage unit
  • Use bubble wrap to protect your treasured items before placing them carefully in affordable moving boxes
  • Use mattress covers, sheets and blankets to separate bulkier items as you pack them
  • Make use of empty spaces in dresser drawers and appliances, first remembering to clean the space you aim to fill
  • Remove the legs from furniture if you have the option, and stack chairs where possible. This helps create a smaller footprint
  • Plan to utilize the space above and below a table, using sheets to protect the table top – great spaces for stacking each moving box
  • State laws outlaw storing hazardous or flammable materials. If you plan to store gas-powered equipment, remove any cylinders, even if they are empty
  • While you are packing items in your self-storage unit, be sure to stack the heavier items below the lighter items to avoid damage
  • When everything is neatly stacked and stored, use your cellphone to take a video of  the layout – this could prove very useful when visiting later to retrieve specific items

Arranging Your Affordable Moving Boxes

It makes sense to pack your affordable moving boxes and possessions with a path in the center space, starting from the tip-up door to the back wall of the storage unit. This will make locating and retrieving items dead simple when you need to access your goods in store. It also helps to number your affordable moving boxes using your updated inventory list, because locating them is going to be easy, not mission impossible!