Home Downsizing? The Art of the Garage Sale

5 Star Storage | April 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

If you are planning to move and need to be ruthless with household goods and possessions, you have a couple of options open to you. Of course, your mover is quite happy for you to include every item in the move because they charge by the box. You could just call your favorite charity and ask them to pick up your unwanted possessions or you could organize a garage sale. If having a garage sale is something you would like to do, start by listing individual items with a description, the approximate age, the general condition, and the value you have in mind.

Here are some useful tips that should help make your garage sale a memorable success:

  • Advertise in the Right Places - Running an ad in your community paper is still a great option and Craigslist should be a no-brainer. There are many other social media platforms and apps to get you out there. List all your major items and include photos. There are even websites dedicated to listing yard and garage sales, search them out and use them.
  • Invite Neighbors to Participate – Each of us has possessions we want to dispose of, so why not invite a few locals to combine with you and host a bigger, more impressive event. Many hands make light work, and you will have plenty of sales assistants for your big clear out day. Some may even provide food and drink to make the occasion that more attractive.
  • Well-Priced Goods Sell - Set a fair price and clearly indicate it on the item. As a rule of thumb, around 10% of the original price is a good yardstick. The cost of every item should be easy to find, as is an indication of any ‘swing room’. Consider offering bulk discounts for things you have in numbers, usable electrical hardware, for example.
  • Try to Group Stuff - Try to group ‘like things’ together, and create some pleasing vignettes. A Garage Sale does not mean it should not be appealing or well presented. Grouping things of similar color makes it easier for buyers to decide. Display clothing in outfit types. Set up tables of like-minded items.
  • Enjoy the Experience! So, you have teamed up with friends and neighbors, having completed all your homework assignments. Involve your kids and their friends and don't forget the ‘golden oldies’ if they are living with you. Empower everybody with a role that will give them a sense of teamwork and achievement.
  • Live Demonstrations - Show that it works! Make sure you have power supplied for folks to test appliances for sale. Put on sound, if you have a record player or a radio for sale. Have decent batteries available for interested folk to try out electronics. Show that it works!

A Piece of Cake!

A well-planned garage sale can be fun to host, and you should recoup some cash in the process after selling your unwanted stuff. Use common sense when it comes to matters like safety and security because you will have many strangers in attendance. Brief your kids properly and make sure your pets are safe and sound too.

In the end, if you still have items you haven’t or won’t get rid of, consider using a storage facility to store your items. Storage facilities offer great storage solutions and are a good alternative for home downsizing. Contact us for a quote today!