Hidden Storage For Solana Beach Homes

Admin | July 20, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Even though Solana Beach isn't as expensive as San Diego, most of the homes aren't known for being massive in this area. If you live in a smaller house and you're looking for a way to maximize your space to live comfortably, there are loads of tricks you can use to give yourself more room. While you should always start with decluttering your home if you're still left with too many things to store once you're done with that process you should move on to maximizing your home's storage. We've put together a set of simple tips you can use to maximize your space so that you don't need to put everything you own in Solana Beach self-storage units

Maximize Space Hidden By Furniture

One of the first places you should look in your home when trying to materialize some extra storage space is your furniture. Most people's furniture isn't optimized for storage purposes. Look at all the beds and couches in your home and consider how they might offer better storage opportunities for you. Most of the time these items can be raised slightly through special lifts or platforms. Once they're up off the floor, you can keep boxes, drawers, and other storage containers under them to declutter your rooms a bit more. This one simple modification might give you all the space you need so that you can keep your self-storage unit loaded with just seasonal items that you don't use frequently. 

Invest in Storage-Focused Items

After you've maximized the furniture you have in your home, it's time to look into bringing new pieces into your house as well. Try to choose pieces with built-in drawers, hollowed-out interiors, and other storage enhancements. You can also create more space in your home by replacing multiple furniture pieces for one item. For instance, you could get rid of a traditional desk and get a Murphy Bed that serves as an office desk when you aren't sleeping in it. Invest in decorative items and furniture that's designed to give you extra storage while keeping your home looking neat and streamlined. 

Convert Closet Doors Into Shelves

If you're searching for a way to open up more storage possibilities, you can transform closets into hidden storage spaces that are fronted with stylish shelving. Transform closet doors into shelves that swivel outwards like a traditional door. These shelves give you extra storage while blocking the cluttered interior of your closets. You end up with a more organized looking space and you add in some much-needed shelves as well. 

Make the Most of Your Stairs

If you have a set of stairs in your home, you're looking at a massive amount of storage space that you can leverage. Consider building in drawers under the steps for tons of organized space to keep your valuables. You can also just create an access door under the stairs for storage purposes if you aren't interested in building all those drawers. 

Use the Backs of Doors

If you're in need of more kitchen space, one of the most effective ways to organize small items such as spices is to leverage the space you have on the backs of your cabinet doors. Hang mini space racks and other low-profile shelves on the interiors of your cabinet doors and open up storage that you were letting go to waste. You can also apply this same principle to full-sized doors throughout your home for hat storage, shoe storage, and for holding other slender items. Mount racks at the backs of your doors and improves the amount of storage space even more.

Leverage Solana Beach Self Storage or Seasonal Items

Along with making more hidden storage in your home, you can free up additional space in your house by investing in Solana Beach storage units as well. Take the time to find a reliable storage facility with good security features, and you can store the seasonal items that you don't use for several months of the year. Your storage units will open up room in your home conveniently when used properly. Storage only works right when you use it to hold items you don't use often, so tuck away seasonal decorations, clothing, and other items you won't need to access often at 5 Star Storage

If you're tired of feeling cramped in your Solana Beach home, don't despair. Instead, try some of these storage hacks to give you more room without the clutter. By building in extra storage and making the most of a self-storage unit, you can clear out your house and have the space you need to live and entertain comfortably.