Winterizing Your Storage Unit with 5 Star Storage

Admin | November 22, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Prepping Your Storage Unit For Cooler Months

Whether you’re looking for a large space for RV storage in California or options for climate-controlled storage in California, 5 Star Storage is here to help! 

One of the biggest questions we get from customers is how to prepare their items for storage. We offer many types of storage units, but even with climate-controlled units, you need to think about prepping for different weather conditions this winter. 

So, let’s talk about winterizing!

California Winters

Storage companies in California know one thing is certain: winter here isn’t like winter everywhere else. 

Instead of prepping for frigid temperatures, we’re thinking more about heat plus the possibility of increased humidity. Fortunately, having climate control as an option for your storage unit practically pays for itself. Many other storage providers don’t offer climate-controlled units in California as an option. But with the changing seasons, having that feature guarantees the protection of your belongings. 

For those who prefer regular units, here are a few of our essential tips for winterizing your unit: 

  • Make sure storage containers are airtight to lock out heat and moisture. 
  • Use desiccators — the moisture-absorbing “do not eat” packs — in storage containers to absorb any moisture that sneaks in. They can be bought at most packing stores. 
  • Clean clothes and fabrics before storing them. Hot temperatures can make dirty clothes smell even worse. 
  • Place moisture-absorbing items like kitty litter, baking soda or charcoal briquettes in bowls around the unit to fend off humidity changes.
  • Consider climate-controlled storage options for items that don’t handle heat well like wooden furniture, musical instruments, electronics, and other mechanical items.


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