Self-Storage Options for Businesses

Admin | September 9, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Businesses both big and small have a lot of stuff. That stuff has to go somewhere, but with office space as tight as it is, what are your options for business self-storage? Finding the right self-storage can be a daunting task, so here’s what you need to know when it comes to choosing the right facilities. 

How Much Space is Needed

Some businesses have much more stuff than others. You don’t want to pay for space you won’t be using, or paying too much for not enough space, so choose the storage unit that fits both your budget and your items. Extra small storage lockers will hold some materials, but these are mainly for personal storage such as clothing or decor. Small lockers are 5 ft x 5 ft and can hold as much as a large closet. The medium 10 ft x 10 ft is the most popular option for businesses as they are easier to organize and hold much more. If your business needs more space than that, consider the large (10 ft x 20 ft) or the extra-large (10 ft x 30 ft). Some businesses even hold meetings in these spaces, so it’s ultimately up to you for what space will be used for. 

The Type of Unit Needed

When storing electronics, books or other materials that can be damaged by high or low temperatures, a climate-controlled unit is a way to go. Solana Beach or San Diego self-storage facilities can get extremely hot, so keep materials safe in a storage unit that never gets above 85 degrees or below 65 degrees. We also offer indoor storage with ground-level units for easier moving and access to larger items. At 5-Star Storage, our facilities are easy to access and convenient no matter what your storage needs are. 

The Convenience of the Facility

Here’s what you should ask: Is the facility secure? Is there help with moving in and out? Are there complimentary truck services or do you have to rent? At 5-Star Self-Storage, all of those questions are satisfied to the fullest extent. Don’t let your business storage needs go unsatisfied at a less professional facility, let us do the heavy lifting. 

Self-Storage was made for business. Now that you know your options, it’s time to choose the right storage unit at the right facility. If you have any further questions about our amenities, feel free to check out Our Commitment Page.