How Storage Can Help Your Bedroom Organization

Admin | June 9, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

If you feel like your bedroom is getting smaller, it may just be that you’re accumulating more things. Since spring is here, it’s a great time for some organization and cleaning to get your bedroom into top shape. 


5 Star Storage has a few tips for getting your bedroom organized for spring and how self-storage can help.


Utilize an In-Drawer Organizer 

If you’ve ever opened a drawer and noticed it’s complete chaos inside, you’re not alone. One great and simple idea is to use an in-drawer organizer, which is simply a basket or tray that keeps things organized.

Use an organizer to keep things like socks together or belts inside, making your drawer a little less chaotic. If you still need more space after the organizer, consider a storage unit to keep your extra stuff safe and reduce clutter around your bedroom.


Save Space With Vertical Racks

Shoes are another source of clutter and chaos, and they take up way more space than they should. If your shoes are too bulky, consider a vertical rack that will save space around the bedroom.

Vertical racks are also helpful for hats, hair accessories, socks, towels, and all sorts of other items that may normally cause clutter. Have too many shoes? That’s a fun problem to have, but if vertical racks just aren’t cutting it, 5 Star has storage units in Solana Beach, CA, that can handle all the shoes (and other items) you can dream of.


Hang — Don’t Fold — Clothing

If you’ve ever gone through your wardrobe and found things you didn't even know you had, not to worry. Hanging, rather than folding, clothing can help save space and make your closet and bedroom feel more organized.

Even better, hanging clothing helps you see exactly what you have without going through piles to find what you want. If you find yourself with more clothes than space, consider storage in Solana Beach, CA, to keep your extra items.

Declutter and Get Rid of Items 

Last, go through your items and decide what you can live without. Create piles for storage, keeping in-house, and that you can trash or donate.

If it’s an item you use frequently or daily, keep it in your home. If it’s something you only use seasonally or infrequently, keep it in the store pile. And if it’s something rarely used or that you didn’t even know you had, trash or donate the items.

Self storage is a great option for your storage pile, as you can store as many things as you want in your storage unit.


5 Star Storage Can Help With All Your Bedroom Organization Needs 

If you’re in need of storage in Solana Beach, CA, 5 Star Storage has the space you need. We have all sorts of sizes of self-storage with promotions to make it as affordable as possible. Visit us online to see our promotions and amenities today!