Accessing Your Storage Unit During COVID-19

Admin | April 20, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Survivalists have been preparing for emergency situations for decades, and taking time to stockpile supplies really helps during times of emergency. Survival experts have been using different forms of caches for this exact purpose. Many bury tubes or boxes that are designed to withstand weathering for many years. When they need supplies they can dig them up and access them. 

Obviously this strategy, while secure, isn't very convenient. That's why many have turned to storage units recently for holding an emergency supply. This approach works very well for holding emergency supplies that are needed during times of sickness, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, or during flu season. 

With the right approach, you can stockpile the supplies you really need in self-storage and stay safe against viruses while accessing them. That's what this guide is all about.

Choose Your Supplies with Care

The first step to making effective use of a San Diego self-storage unit is knowing what sort of supplies to put into your storage. When preparing for flu season, or when trying to stay ready for an epidemic like the current COVID-19 spread, it's important to have sanitizers such as isopropyl alcohol (60% or greater concentration) and bleach.

It's also a good idea to stockpile disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, and paper towels to help you stay protected when accessing public facilities. 

Along with that equipment, it's a good idea to invest in water sanitization equipment. Having access to water purification tablets as well as a portable water filtration system will ensure you have access to drinking water even if something happens to your local supply. 

Stockpile first-aid supplies in case you run out of bandages, sanitizing wipes, medications or other supplies at home. You can also stock up on additional tools such as a gun-cleaning kit, lightweight tents and a fire starter like a Ferro rod to ensure you have access to some shelter and warmth if you decide to leave home.

Avoid storing food, water and other items you'll need frequently during the outbreak because you want to access your stockpile as infrequently as possible to avoid exposing yourself unnecessarily. 

Only Access Storage Supplies When Necessary

One of the keys to staying healthy during flu season or any serious viral outbreak is to avoid public locations whenever you possibly can. You can still use self-storage facilities during these times, even when California is in lockdown, but it's vital that you don't go very often. 

Try to keep your trips to your storage to once or month or less to limit your exposure. By keeping the items you don't need often in your storage units you won't have to venture out often. You can use your storage space to store all your extras, so you can keep more food, water, and medical supplies right at home conveniently. 

How to Access Your Storage Unit Safely

When the time comes to access your storage it's important to take a few precautions to keep yourself as safe as possible. Only make trips during off-hours as your lockdown restrictions allow. For many people that means visiting early in the morning.

Also, take measures to sanitize your unit and to protect yourself from contamination while getting inside. Wipe off a keypad if you have to enter a code to open up the storage gate as you do at 5 Star Storage. Carefully wash your hands, apply sanitizer or use gloves to protect your stockpile from contamination while accessing it. Make sure to wipe off the handle of your storage unit and your lock with sanitizing wipes before opening up your unit. 

If you take care to avoid accessing your unit while others are around, and you sterilize yourself and your unit before opening it up, you should be able to avoid coming into contact with any viruses present in the area and keep yourself safe during these uncertain times.