Using Self-Storage for Holiday Decorations

5 Star Storage | October 26, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

One of the most common uses for self-storage units is to house all of the holiday decor that people have around their homes. Decorations are a major part of the holiday season, and they have the tendency to clog up storage space at home and to give your home a more cluttered feel.

That's why it's important to understand how to utilize self-storage space for your decorations, and to use those tips when packing and unpacking your decorations for the season. Follow these simple tips and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to access your holiday decorations as you need them. 

Box it Up and Label with Care

The very first step for you to go through to prepare all your holiday decor for long-term storage is to gather up your decorations and sort them by season. Be careful to split your decorations into piles for different holidays. This will make it much easier to pull the right decorations out of your holiday storage space. Wrap any delicate decorations you have, and secure cables, light strands, and other long rolls of decorations to prevent them from tangling.

Finish by placing the sorted decorations into air-tight storage containers. Hard-shell plastic bins are ideal for holding your decorations because they insulate and protect your valuables from damage during storage. Label these containers with information about the specific holiday as well as the individual contents of the package for the best results. 

Find the Right Storage Space

After you have all your decorations boxed up and ready to be stored away you'll have an idea of just how much space you need for all your holiday items. Use this information to help you locate the perfect Solana Beach storage unit to hold everything.

Try and choose a unit that's just large enough for your decorations, or opt for a space that will hold additional items you have to tuck away as well. Try to locate a unit that's fully protected, easy to access, and convenient to your home. That will be ideal for your holiday storage needs. 

Store in Neat Stacks with Inventory

Now that you have your space, it's time to make it work for you. Pile up all your decorations into stacks that are split into different holidays. Create walkways between your containers and also consider drawing up a simple inventory of your unit for quick reference.

You can even hang up this inventory or place it at the front of the unit for when you come and grab decorations. The more thorough you are with this process, the quicker it will be to pull out the decorations you need. 

Grab the Boxes You Need Throughout the Year

Taking the time to effectively organize and stack your boxes and containers will make it easy to grab what you need throughout the year. Visit your unit before an upcoming holiday and pull out just the boxes you'll need. This is also the perfect time to put in any decorations that you're rotating out. Just be sure to update your inventory and to keep everything nice and organized as you do. 

Unpack and Verify in Advance

Once you're home from your storage in Solana Beach, CA, with your boxes of decorations, open them up and dig through them. Test any lights or other powered items to verify they are working properly and get everything ready for use. Try and pull your decorations at least a week before you want to put them up. Taking them out early gives you time to fix any broken decorations and to get them ready for use. 

Holiday decor is the number one reason for many people to look into self-storage space. Follow these steps for yourself and you'll find it easier than ever to store and utilize all your most important decorations.