5 Ways to Facilitate a Storage Unit Cleanout

5 Star Storage | April 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Self-storage has become one of the icons of American life. According to a 2015 Huffington Post article, there were more storage locations than McDonald’s. The Post cited 11,962 Starbucks and 14,350 McDonald’s, compared to 48,500 self-storage facilities to prove we are a ‘nation of hoarders’, full stop. There are many benefits of renting a storage unit, however sometimes we store too much.  There comes a time when we have to do a storage unit cleanout. But first, how did we end up with all that clutter?

Passing Through Life’s Phases: A Storage Unit Cleanout

Life is a series of phases from birth all the way up to adulthood. From raising children to seeing grandchildren graduate college. We cling to memories and sometimes are unable to accept one phase ended and another has begun. Consequently, we cannot come face to face with a storage unit cleanout at that time. That is how prams and surfboards linger in self-storage long after the need is gone.

How to Achieve a Storage Unit Cleanout Without the Pain

The secret is finding another use for unwanted items, so we don’t feel bad about sending everything to the recycling. This way we achieve a gentle disengagement and not a sudden wrench. Read on to discover how a storage unit cleanout could become a growth phase in your life.

  1. Pack everything out in the space in front of your affordable storage unit. As you begin your storage unit cleanout, create four divisions namely:
  • I can still use this, so I’ll take it back home
  • This is of no use to anybody, it needs recycling
  • I do not need this anymore, but it has real value
  • This can go the charity shop, they can sell it
  1. Pack all the (a) items into your car. These will be items you can reuse at home. If necessary, rent a trailer. This completes the first phase of your storage unit cleanout. Next, arrange for a junk removal company to take your (b) items to the recycling depot. This will be your only real expense.
  2. Write up a list of all your (c) items remembering to take photos. Pack these items back in your unit temporarily, making sure you spread them out for inspection.
  3. Call your favorite charity shop and ask them to send a van around to collect the (d) items. There are many positive reason to make charitable donations. If there are only a few, you could take them there yourself. Either way, you can ease the pain by explaining the role they played in your life. This can increase their value too, as some charity shoppers are keen to know the history of things they buy.
  4. You are now well into your storage unit cleanout. Thus far, it has been quite a pleasant experience. The fun starts when you ask an auctioneer to come around and assess the value of your (c) collectibles. You may be surprised at the value you find. This will definitely cover the cost of the junk removal!

Your storage unit cleanout is complete after the auctioneer loads the collectibles, and you sweep the unit out. Visit our website to learn more about organizational hacks for your self-storage rental so you get more value for your money.