5 Easy Seasonal Storage Solutions

5 Star Storage | April 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Seasons change and so do our needs. You don’t really need that bulky winter jacket hanging around the closet when the thermometer reads 94 degrees outside. The problem is where do you keep these items for other parts of the year. We have all been to that house where the closet is considered storage and opening it is just a disaster.

Skip that headache and follow these easy seasonal storage solutions which will allow you to have more room in your home, making it easier to find whatever it is you are looking for.

1) Get Everything Organized

This is going to take a little bit of time, but it will pay off in the long run. You need to get everything into their different categories. Generally, we can put some things together, however warm weather and cold weather items should be kept separate.

After this, you have holiday decoration, old valuables, and heirlooms. This is a good time to go through and recycle, donate, or throw away anything you don’t want anymore.

2) Box it Up

Box up everything as if you were moving. Buy packing supplies like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. That’s right, even the stuff you want for this season! This will help you to visualize everything. Obviously, you skip things like your kitchen stuff or anything that’s always being used. Once you have everything that's seasonally boxed up you are in a great place to take action. Label each box and the contents within it.

3) Put this Season's Stuff in the Right Place

Now you are ready to put what you need for this season in the closet and elsewhere. Instead of having a bunch of stuff around, you have only what you need now. Break down the boxes and put them under the bed or in the garage. You now know where everything is and can easily repack when seasons change.

4) Take the Rest to Self-Storage

This is the most important step. This gets all the stuff that for now is useless out of the way so you have extra space in your home. Likewise, when the season changes you can easily bring back the boxes you need and swap them out for the ones you don’t.

Not only does this keep your house cleaner, but helps you keep track of where everything is so you don’t have to tear apart the house to find your pair of winter gloves.

5) Organize Your Storage Unit Accordingly

Just like what you do in your house, arrange your storage unit according to the season. Label all the boxes and keep it tidy. That way, whenever you make a trip over things are quick and easy. All you have to do is pop in, drop off some stuff and grab what you need.

Easy Seasonal Storage Solutions

Keeping your house clean is all about organization. By following these easy steps you will be able to have more space in your house and more organization in your life so no matter the time of year, you always know where to grab that sweater, that surfboard, or whatever you need!