4 Ideas to Create Extra Storage Space in Your Dorm Room

5 Star Storage | April 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Are you getting ready to start your first year of college? This presents opportunities to make new friends as you expand your knowledge. The only problem is that you might have to downsize because of the dorm and small apartment living. How do you overcome those space restrictions? There are many ways to make the most out of your small space. All you need is extra storage space!

Students staying in dorm face the same problem with their lifetime possessions. Do they leave them at home? Certainly not if we can help it! Before you tearfully part with your impressive shoe collection that would make Imelda Marcos blush or leave your favorite stuffed animal behind, read these extra space ideas.

First, go through the motions regarding deciding what needs to be easily accessed, then store the rest. This simple solution gives you the option of saving the stuff you probably will not need or seldom use, and no one but yourself is the better judge of that. This is where a facility like 5 Star Storage comes to your rescue as it offers extra storage space.

Limited Alternatives

There are a limited number of spaces to hide away what you may need as your college life unfolds, all within legal limits. Below are some suggestions, but you could also consider renting a storage unit. The basic dorm room is uninspiring and will never substitute home sweet home. If you are lucky, you get a small bed and hardly any dorm storage. How do you breathe your persona into such a small space? Moreover, how do you tackle disorganization in the dorm with all the clutter and so little extra storage space?

Creating Space: Stash it Where You Can

Most dorm rooms will not give you the extra security of space for your possessions. To gain extra space in a dorm room or apartment, you have to break it down into four priority zones, namely:

  1. The Dorm Closet - Shoes, clothes, handbags, accessories - college students carry it all! The average closet is 3-5 feet wide with only one closet rod, you'll have to stake your claim, college living was never meant to be easy! Organize your dorm closet by using layered hangers, boxes, and organizers.
  2. Walls and Doors - Walls and doors offer more than just poster-hanging opportunities. Grids and hook racks can provide much-needed extra storage space in every area of the dorm. Avoid charges for damage to the walls by using agreeable hardware fittings.
  3. Under Bed Storage – This is the perfect area to store your shoes, but it doesn’t provide space for much else. To be fair, it can look unsightly unless you use a clean container.
  4. The Desk Option - Dorm desks do not provide storage space for books, notebooks, and the supplies you may need to have close by. Aim to keep the desk area tidy and well organized; then you should have plenty of room to study.

The Bottom Line and Extra Storage Space

Seek every inch of available space. Then, think creatively about how to use extra storage space efficiently. Check under the bed, over the door, on the walls, on the floor - wherever you can find a bit of open space.  Before you finally decide, look at the cost-effective storage space options provided by your local on-site facility.

Using a storage unit to organize your clothes and other accessories could be an optimal solution to dealing with space. They offer a wide variety of styles and sizes that could easily be created in a closet. You can even rent a climate controlled storage unit for your special occasion or expensive accessories. Storage units are also spacious and safe, something you may want to consider if you have a roommate. You don’t have to deal with the stress of small living, merely rent a storage unit and access it as much as you want, when you want!