3 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Storage Unit Size

5 Star Storage | April 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Storage units are the perfect for creating a spacing solution for all your home needs. One common problem that people have, however, is determining exactly what size works best for them. You don’t want to go too big and end up spending unnecessary money while likewise, you don’t want to go too small and not have enough space for your needs. That’s why you should follow these easy tips to make sure no matter how much stuff you have, you always get the perfect fit!

Step 1: Figure Out How Much Stuff is Going

This is where you are going to need to do a little inventory and then make a list. Is it just a collection of boxes or do you have a combination of oddly sized items like furniture and sports equipment? It’s time to break out the measuring tape. From here get everything into one open area and arrange it as you would imagine it would like inside your unit.

Just be sure you have enough room to move around. You don’t want to constantly pack and unpack your storage unit just to  reach something in the back!

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with Standard Unit Sizes

Storage units come in a range of logical sizes. They typically vary from 5x5 feet all the way up to 10x30 feet. Picturing this in your head can be a little difficult even if you do have the help of a little measuring tape. So tour your local facility so you can get a good idea of the space before you start moving stuff over.

Step 3: Play with Your Dimensions

Once you have figured out the best size for you, now you can play with it. Remember you have height as an option. So make sure you know whether you are working with 5 feet of 10 feet of height. This determines a lot!

If you are moving furniture consider shifting it into different angles so that you can make it fit properly. Another great tip is to include some shelves. This will make things much more accessible and organized for you whenever you need to drop something off or pull something out.

Don’t Overthink Things

Like most things in life, the right planning goes a long way, especially if you are moving homes. That said, sometimes people do not estimate their spacing needs correctly. It can be easy to go too big or too small when we are trying to imagine things in our heads. Don’t worry. The storage unit manager is there to help!

The manager can help you pick out a unit that is better suited towards your needs and help you make any changes in your rental contract. Best of all, they can help you determine what size works best for you before you move a single box. This way, you can move in smoothly and move onto the rest of your life!