3 Benefits for Commercial Self Storage Units

5 Star Storage | April 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

At some point in time, most businesses need more space than they have available. Renting additional office space can prove expensive, even assuming that space is available. Business owners also have to consider seasonal demands too, when they may have to recruit more staff or hold extra merchandise to meet demand.

Renting commercial storage units can offer a readymade and affordable storage  solutions to office space problems. Let’s count cost saving as one of the potential benefits of utilizing commercial storage units. You can store whatever may prove surplus to your needs right now in an affordable self-storage rental.

Easy to Calculate the Space Needed for Commercial Storage Units

Calculating the amount of space needed for commercial storage units is not that challenging. Most storage facilities offer a range of space options to suit their client's requirements. Having already established that most business operations have fluctuating needs according to the season, it is simply a matter of forwarding planning.

Knowing what you are going to store makes finding the perfect storage unit size simple to calculate. Then it is just a matter of contacting your preferred commercial storage unit facilitator and asking their advice. Compared to retail and office rentals, commercial storage units work out a lot cheaper in terms of costs. Do the math and see how much you are actually paying per square foot for the space your business occupies.

2. Lower Costs with Self Storage

For a small business trying to get off the ground, accommodation costs can prove prohibitive, particularly if is being used for storage. Retail and office space is a major cost in most places as supply and demand realities generally drive rentals higher. This makes commercial storage units attractive and comparatively inexpensive, good news for a small enterprise in startup mode!

3. Less Crowded Workspace & Easier Workflow 

When you need extra space, the cost factor is just one of the benefits. Compared to conventional retail/office space, self-storage is definitely cheaper. Small businesses need every square inch they have to operate effectively. A crowded workspace can prove a liability in business.  Staff morale can take a knock, which can result in lack of enthusiasm with negative trends affecting your bottom line.

Leasing commercial storage units can serve as an overflow warehouse, taking the pressure off your work team. You also get additional space to store more merchandise for rollout during busier trading periods. Organizing a storage unit is also simple. It just takes a little discipline to store your surplus goods in a logical and easy-to-find fashion. This, in turn, helps when it comes to picking a stock to fill orders.

Does Leasing Commercial Storage Units Work for All Businesses?

The straight answer here is that when you have a pressing need for more space, commercial storage units offer a viable, affordable alternative. 5 Star Storage does the best to get the deal that suits you best.


Commercial storage units provide readily usable space for those challenging times when you need more storage space. It is a safe, convenient and affordable option for those busy times when your business needs to be primed and ready for action. Contact 5 Star Storage to get a free quote for your storage needs!