10 Dos and Don'ts of Business Storage Units

Richard | April 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Customers ask us whether they can use our business storage units as workshops and offices. The answer must be a resounding no because of health and safety considerations. Our units are for storage only and their ventilation is only adequate for long-term self-storage occupation. Moreover, for security reasons there is no second, alternative emergency exit. However, our storage units are ideal for storing equipment and stock.

Some Simple Do’s of Storage

  1. DO only rent sufficient office and storage space that is adequate for your business. Anything bigger or smaller than what you need will cost you! You want to make sure that everything fits perfectly, but also
  2. DO pack your stock diligently so it is easier for you to find. Use different self storage rental organizational hacks, create a map, use shelving, or boxes.
  3. DO use business storage units between trade shows, expos, events, or even for a move. You can use storage for all the stuff you do not need in between. If you are moving office spaces, packing for storage is simple. A rental storage unit is perfect space for rejuvenating old displays and experimenting with new mock ups without idle hands fiddling with things.
  4. DO use business storage for when you are building stock for a new release or a special discount offer. This is a great way to spread cash flow if you are a ink-and-paper publisher or a high-volume retailer with a narrow product range.
  5. DO use rental storage to keep portable equipment and other items secure. If you are a building contractor, landscaper, or garden maintenance service use self storage to keep you tools and machines. You will be so glad after you declutter the back garden and can invite friends over for evening barbeques again.
  6. DO remember to drain all gasoline fuel into secure, fireproof containers and disconnect starter batteries so they do not drain energy. Lithium and other batteries in remote controls should also be removed and carefully labelled.

Keep these Don'ts in mind

  1. DO NOT pay for expensive rental space for slow moving stock items. If you are not selling these items, consider marking them down. This will help move your stock along and help your business as well!
  2. DO NOT use your storage space to accumulate old junk you will never use again. This is especially important to remember when the item is damaged or you changed your branding. Send this down the charity shop or for recycling depending on what you find.
  3. DO NOT allow your friends, family, partner, maiden aunt, or anybody else to store anything personal in your business storage units. Business storage should only be used for your business alone. Rent a separate storage unit in order to pack away any personal items.
  4. DO NOT store irreplaceable items of great value such as overflow paintings and sculptures from art galleries etc.

Making the Most Out of Your Business Storage Units

There are many more money saving uses for business storage units and you may have thought of some yourself while reading this. Ask 5 Star Storage for advice if needing overflow capacity in Solana Beach. You will find us friendly, helpful, and keen to assist. Let us help you get organized! We have a price structure so reasonable your accountant might even break into a smile.